D/C Export and Domestic Packing Inc., was founded in 1974 by the husband and wife team of Dominick and Carol Cocciemiglio. Beginning in a building not much bigger than a four car garage, the company now boasts a headquarters of 90,000 square feet. This facility, in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, provides packing and crating as well as a bonded warehousing and CFS services.

In 1991 D/C Transport, Inc. was incorporated as a separate company to provide reliable transportation services for D/C Export. This allowed D/C Export to offer more efficient movement of customer commodities as well as simplified communication with customers. The concept proved so successful that customers began to utilize D/C Transport for shipments not being packed by D/C Export. Today, D/C Transport offers a variety of transportation services to customers around the country.

D/C Packaging Inc., the third of the D/C Group companies, was formed in 1996. Many times a customer would call with a problem but no clear idea of how to proceed. D/C Packaging now provides solutions to those problems. Empty wooden crates, corrosion protection materials and even military grade plastic cases are just a few of products available. More importantly, D/C Packaging offers the experience and knowledge to choose the right product for the problem. Often it's simply a matter of knowing how to use the product correctly.

In 2001 D/C Export formalized agreements with the most reputable packing companies at major ports around the country. Combining this with the nationwide on-site services already provided, D/C Export is able to offer availability throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

2003 brought the addition of a company-owned facility in South Carolina. This facility, in the heart of southern manufacturing, provides the customer service and reliability that D/C Export customers have come expect.

Today, with the popularity of nationwide on-site services, the company is always on the move. We have not lost site of what makes us successful: Service.